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Fall 2022 HomeRun Tracker

Jaxen Smith- Majors Dodgers 

Santiago Fargo- Majors Marlins

Coyne Graham - Majors Yankees

Kase Krabbe (3)- Majors White Sox

Joey Irvine- Majors Twins

Timothy Neal- Majors Dodgers

Eric Shoen - Majors White Sox

Watch out Juniors Softball players as they begin their journey to the Softball World Series. CLICK THE IMAGE TO BE DIRECTED TO THE WEBSITE

Opening Day phots courtesy of Oscar Diaz @oscardiaz_02

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2022 District and State Tournament Dates


Tournament Facility Dates
Spring Blues Tournament - Majors Trails Park    April 8-10
Tournament of Champions - Minors & Majors Trails Park    May 30-June 4
Senior League Baseball Children's Memorial Park    June 16-18
Junior League Baseball  Children's Memorial Park    June 18-24
Little League Baseball - 60's Desert Breeze Park    July 6-16




Tournament Facility Dates
Little League Baseball - 60's Mesa Park    July 20-24
Junior League Baseball Trails Park    July 20-24
Senior League Baseball TBD    TBD
Little League Softball - 60's  Red Ridge Park    July 14-17
Junior League Softball Red Ridge Park    July 14-17